The startups.

Quantum computers for research and supercomputing centers
Building world-leading quantum computers to bring applica­tion-specific problem solving to a multitude of industries through combining hardware and software design in the development of quantum processors.

Quantum Cryptography for quantum communication
Providing high-performance and cost-effective quantum cryptography solutions, including continuous-variable quantum key distribution systems, to implement an extra layer of security services for companies and network infrastructures.

Scalable control electronics for quantum computing
A dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and developers pushing quantum technology to support scientists worldwide with fully-integrated qubit control and readout equipment from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz. The Qblox Cluster at the Quantum pavilion combines unlevelled noise performance, low-latency arbitrary control flows and can be scaled up to 1000s of qubits.

Quantum Computing
Developing quantum computers to accelerate widespread availability of quantum advantage for real-world optimization and Machine Learning problems, also offering quantum algorithm expertise to leverage the growing set of quantum computing platforms and specialized quantum simulator platforms.

Quantum Random numbers generator
Delivering high-quality and measurable randomness at scale. Quside QRNGs are designed to enable gigabit per second quantum entropy generation based on the phase-diffusion technology.